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Things worth knowing about Hallux valgus

deformity of the big toe

causes, prevention, therapy

“Hallux valgus” literally means “crooked toe” and describes the clinical picture of the bunion quite precisely: The big toe bends from the metatarsophalangeal joint towards the outside of the foot due to permanent incorrect loads in the foot.

The reason for this is a shortened tendon that pulls the big toe into the malposition. Due to the misalignment, the outer metatarsal head bulges out on the inside of the foot. The resulting arch is exposed to increased friction and reacts reddened. Whether hallux valgus itself also causes pain depends primarily on the severity of the deformity. In the early stages, the misalignment of the big toe usually causes relatively minor discomfort. But the more the big toe bends in the direction of the little toes, it gradually displaces them from their actual position and position.

Pain-free walking and wearing ordinary shoes become almost impossible.
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But why does hallux valgus foot malposition arise at all?

The predisposition for the misalignment of the big toe is hereditary, and incorrect footwear, overweight and weak connective tissue are also risk factors. Usually it is a combination of several causes that lead to the formation of a bunion. Of course, a healthy lifestyle and the right choice of shoes have a positive effect on the development of hallux valgus. Hallux valgus is one of the most common foot deformities. It very often affects women. The most common causes of hallux valgus are:

  • weak connective tissue
  • genetic predisposition
  • incorrect load on the foot
  • constricting footwear
  • high heels

However, it is important to know that none of the above factors necessarily lead to hallux valgus and that it can be prevented with good footwear.

What are the symptoms?

Hallux valgus can cause various symptoms. Here is an overview of the most common complaints:

  • swelling
  • pressure points
  • friction in tight shoes
  • bursitis
  • wear on the joints
  • protrusion of the big toe
  • leaning of the big toe towards the other toes
  • misalignments of the little toes
  • pain when walking

What can I do about hallux valgus?

If hallux valgus is already present, regression with the help of conservative methods alone is not possible. However, there are different options for hallux valgus treatment that can help relieve symptoms even without surgery, especially in the early stages. Hickersberger herbal shoes are also available especially for feet afflicted with hallux valgus. A diverse selection of Hallux Valgus models can be found here.

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