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Regeneration through the power of nature

nature gladly makes its healing powers available, we only have to take them!

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Gesundes Wohlbefinden (ENGLISCH)

Hickersberger herbal shoes contain a finely tuned herbal mixture, which has a calming effect on the body with it´s essential oils.

Our herbal footbed is filled with 100% natural dried herbs. The essential ingredients of the herbs are absorbed by skin into the body.

The active ingredients and essential oils are released and activated by the body´s own heat in the shoe. The herbs in the footbed give you relaxation and recreation, stress is reduced and new joy of living is brought about.

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the shoes that are closest to nature

As we know from historical reports, earlier civilized peoples used dried herbs as remedies and also cultivated and passed on their knowledge about them. For many centuries people have been working treating their ailments with medicinal plants. They used to be used because you had nothing else. We knew from experience that they were helping, but it was not proven. The applications have been passed on from generation to generation. Today the effect of many medicinal plants has been scientifically proven.

Kräuterfußbett + Kräuter (ENGLISCH)

Nature gladly makes its healing powers available, we only have to take them!

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Schuhfabrik Alois Hickersberger
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Gesundes Wohlbefinden (ENGLISCH)


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